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Painting Cabinets: Tips From A Professional

        Summer Strother, owner of Faux by Design, is not just a professional painter. She's an artist. "I have been an artist my entire life. My first canvas painting I did when I was 6 years old.  I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta for my degree in Visual Communications and started immediately in the graphic design industry  freelancing from home. For mental relief, I would paint on the walls of my own home..."

    AK Renovations has been working with Summer for many, many years to create beautiful, unique results for our clients. From faux-finished walls to kitchen transformations, Summer and AK have created many beautiful spaces together! We have been getting so many questions lately about painting cabinets, and especially how to paint kitchen cabinets, that we thought we'd get the info straight from our go-to source and share it with you!

What kinds of cabinets are best for painting?

  •          "Smooth woods yield a smoother finish. Grainy oak often leaves a shadow texture of the grain but any kind of cabinet can be painted, even those plastic thermofoil. You just have use the appropriate products and primers on each substrate."

How can you tell if your cabinets are in good enough shape to paint?

  •    "You'd be surprised what can be salvaged! I have encountered some really beat-up cabinets that had swelled edges and deep cracks and recommended just replacing them. And yet, the client opted to paint! Sanding on the swelling and wood putty on the cracks before priming and painting and even I was impressed with result."

·         Why should someone use a professional instead of trying to do it themselves?

  •    "If a home owner is adept at painting and a "do it yourselfer" they should go for it. The biggest mistake people make is not prepping the surface good. Cabinets must be cleaned and often de-glossed, in some cases sanded before priming.  If a client desires antiquing or other artistry a professional would certainly do a higher quality job than an average homeowner. Artistry takes years to refine and experience shows in the end result for sure."


"after kitchen: warmed with paprika paint & antique glazed in raw umber"


What are the color & style trends you’re seeing now?
  • "Vanilla bean base with chocolate glaze is always a safe look that has been around for as long as I can remember. I've had more  people choosing smokey gray tones. Islands are always an opportunity to spice it up. For over a decade most often people would want their island distressed black. I haven't done that in while. Deep brown with black glaze has been a repeated choice."

  Can you talk about a few memorable projects where you did something dramatic or notable?

  • "Old weathered drift wood finish . . . . I did this in smokey gray tones on a vanity in a very contemporary master bath room and it was magnificent. I also did it in raw umber & burnt umber on a fire mantle - so dynamic!"

Think Painting Your Cabinets Might Be A Good Choice For Your Kitchen Renovation? Ask Us!


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