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Daily5 Remodel: "Kitchens: Transformed ... in Alpharetta, Ga"

The Daily5 Remodel by Leah Thayer recently profiled an AK kitchen remodel in Alpharetta, GA. Leah did a great job in summarizing the client's desires, the process and the finished product! We wanted to share her take on AK's "Alpharetta Custom Kitchen Remodel":

Before: "The kitchen was old and outdated. The customer liked the work space but needed a design that would allow more accessibility and storage, as well as prevent logjams in the kitchen area.

"Various issues masked by the previous design included floor, walls and ceilings being extremely out of plumb, open holes in the drywall on the garage and exterior wall, and electrical wiring for three other rooms in addition to the kitchen being on the same circuit."

After: "To keep costs down, we re-used the dishwasher, sink and range in their original locations, but installed a new wooden hood over the range. We relocated the microwave to a new wall that became the serving area, and installed a new counter-depth fridge with French doors to provide more walk-around space."

"We used LED under-cabinets and inner-cabinet lighting. The manufacturers and product reps were sorely lacking in helpfulness, and one light was defective. Thankfully, our electrician was able to work through the proposed plan requirements and design the system to work correctly, as well as to redesign the wiring to separate circuits, to support the additional power requirements."

"Actually acquiring many materials also became a challenge. For instance, the backsplash tile is a combination of polished travertine and beautiful crackled glass (the original plan called for all crackled glass; the combination helped save money). It came from Italy, and we were originally told its ship date would take six to 10 weeks. Later, our tile source told us that delivery had been pushed out an additional four to eight weeks. To the credit of the tile source they were able to acquire the needed tile domestically and agreed to split the additional cost, which was a lot less then the proposed $800 expedited air freight cost from Italy."
"Despite all these challenges, the project came in under schedule and at budget (minus ~2% additional costs related to the clients' change orders). The clients were a pleasure to work with and very easy going, and they are now planning a master bath and secondary bath project."

Ed Cholfin, AK Complete Home Renovations, Atlanta

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