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Award Winning Marietta Kitchen Remodel

National Association of the Remodeling Industry Contractor of the Year (CoTY) Award Winning Design

The new Marietta kitchen you see below is a far cry from the old, outdated and poorly designed kitchen that AK first saw. The homeowners complained that, among other issues, you could not open the oven and the refrigerator at the same time! The new kitchen boasts an incredible amount of customized storage, rich textures, colors a professional design plan that suited their unique lifestyle and acclaimed tile design.


An old soffit was removed to make way for incredible storage above the upper cabinets. The homeowner was concerned about using glass because of the ability to easily see the items stored inside. To get the effect of glass and break up the wood, a frosted glass was used and halogen lights put behind each door which added a great deal of light to the room.


A center island was added and the sink and dishwasher moved to improve traffic flow. The new island adds enough room to enable two cooks to work in the kitchen at once. The island also adds needed shelving space and provides a center for new opal glass hand made pendant lights. 

The impeccable tile work is clear evidence of the exceptional workmanship throughout the kitchen. The same tile is used on the floor as on the backsplash with varying sizes to add texture and 1x1 gold metallic accents for color contrast.

Tile on the backsplash extends from the countertop surface all the way to the ceiling around the kitchen window creating a continuity of pattern and adding more visual breaks between the opulent wood.

The accent band around the island shadows the exact lines of the cabinets, even curving at perfect angles with the wood.





 You know it LOOKS pretty, but what about the quality? What about the experience working with AK?

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