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Mel DePaoli, author and founder of Omicle LLC has a book coming out, due to release this year. In it Ms. DePaoli studies Advanced Kitchens (AK) as an example of an "excellent" contractor. AK is featured in the press release for the new book. Read the release here or click on the link below. Buy the book on Amazon Now - Go To Book Now!


Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) March 05, 2009 -- AK (formerly Advanced Kitchens) a complete home renovations company recently completed the review process for the book: CONTRACTORS: Doing it Right Not Just Getting it Done. The book is the first in a business benchmarking study series: Brand or Culture: Which Comes First.

"AK is a great example of a company that is eager to learn and impliment changes." says Mel DePaoli, author and founder of Omicle LLC. "It is a company that cares just as much about its employees as it does taking care of their customers."

Ms. DePaoli is anticipating a late 2009 launch of CONTRACTORS: Doing it Right Not Just Getting it Done, the first book in a series about branding and corporate culture, which are part of an overall study: Brand or Culture: Which Comes First. The study provides a comprehensive look at companies that have achieved success by creating a winning culture first, then using that culture to propel their brand into the marketplace.

Advanced Kitchens Marketing Communications Manager, Emily Smith states "I know many business owners and managers who toss and turn at night worrying about bottom lines, profit margins and even flow. But how many have you met who lose sleep over their company's culture? The funny thing is that culture is what is going to make or break them. Culture is what is going to dictate their bottom lines and their profit margins. Maybe it's time for a shift in how businesses think. Maybe it's time for culture to be a focus factor, not a random product. Maybe this could take our businesses to places of ultimate employee and client satisfaction, record profits and an even flow of work. Maybe this book will induce, not a culture shift, but a shift towards culture."

Interviews are ongoing; companies who would like to be considered for inclusion in the book are encouraged to contact Ms. DePaoli. For more information about the book and the interview process, visit

Mel DePaoli is an expert in innovative branding strategies and is the founder of culture and marketing firm, Omicle, LLC.

About Omicle

For more information about the books, please visit If you would like to schedule an interview with Ms. DePaoli, please call 425.877.1109 or email - You can also follow her on Twitter @MelDePaoli.

See Full Release At:

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