Complete Home Renovations Atlanta Home Improvements "I make it a practice to not recommend contractors, vendors... etc. Ed Cholfin of AK is the one time I make an exception and recommend without hesitation"
- AK Client in Marietta, GA

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Testimonial Video 4: An Alpharetta Bath Remodel That Simply Started With A Tub

    "It all started back in September..." (2011) says AK client Lisa, an Alpharetta homeowner who was ready to remodel her cluttered bathroom. What really provoked the change, however, was Lisa's wish for a tub she could luxuriate in! {Yes, that is actually a word! Lux-u-ri-ate (luhg-zhoo r -ee-eyt) : To enjoy oneself without stint}

    Watch Lisa's story below and find out how working with Ed Cholfin of AK Complete Home Renovations helped keep her from making several decisions she says she would have regretted in the long run. The tub being one of them!

    And if you're feeling a bit stinted in your own bath, maybe it's time you looked into your own AK home renovation. After you hear from Lisa, click here for more information about bathroom remodeling with AK!

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